Franchise Insurance
from 5€ per day


Franchise Insurance

We offer a franchise insurance of 200.00Eur (e-Bike 400,00Eur) that can be contracted once we give the bike. This franchise insurance of 200.00Eur covers any damage on the bike in case of any accident. In this case, the first 200.00Eur will be paid by the client, and from 201.00 in advance will be paid by us.

The bike stolen is not included in this franchise insurance, you are responsible for the bike and material hired once our shop is left by the renter. In case of theft, you will have to make a complaint and pay for the totality of the bike with a discount of 10% for each year of use. P.V.P price will be taken as a reference.

Each bike has a third party insurance included in the bike rental price.


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