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Shipping and delivery of bicycles.

* - When do I pay the rent?
Payment must be made immediately upon delivery of the bicycle, in cash or card accepted upon delivery of the material for the total time of the rental contract. The bicycle deposits will be of 20.00, 50.00, 100.00, 150.00 or €200.00 depending on the bicycle model.

* - What does the home delivery and collection service cost?
Prices will vary depending on the area and the total amount of the rent. You can check our rates in the section Home delivery service.

* - Can I rent a bike for one day only?
Yes. Without any problem. You will only have to consult availability.

* - How do I make the reservation?
You can reserve your bike on our booking engine or going to our premises in the Marina of Fuengirola no356 if you are in the area.

* If I contract a route with the company, what should I bring?
The helmet is mandatory. The rest of the accessories or material It is optional and recommended. If you still need to get the material, we will provide you with everything you need. Helmet, equipment, shoes, bicycle and food

* - I have not been able to deliver the bicycle within the contracted time. Do I have any extra cost over the agreed price?
The extra cost will depend on the extra time you have on the bike. You should come to our office with the greatest as soon as possible to pay the remaining amount. Terral Bike Rental SL reserves the right to cancel the extension of the rent.

* - I have a breakdown on my route through Malaga, could you come to pick me up?
All our bikes are checked before delivery to the customer. If the breakdown was due to a material problem, we will take care of your transfer. If, on the contrary, it were any damage caused by misuse, after payment of the displacement, we could go to repair it if possible or move it.

* - If I fall and break the material, what and how would I pay for it?
The damage would be repaired with the subscriber deposit caused. If the repair is greater, the customer must pay the remaining amount.

* - Do I have road accident insurance?
Each bicycle has mandatory R.C. insurance. The The insurance fee is included in the rental price. He, the client confirms by signing the contract that he has sufficient financial funds to cover any risk linked to the rental of the bicycle with no risks covered by insurance. Failure to comply with the rules of driving a bicycle on public roads is a responsibility directly from its driver.
* - What do I do if I have an accident?
In this case, you would have to call the authorities competent authorities or contact us indicating its location

* - What do I do in case of theft?
You must file a complaint at the municipal police station where the theft occurs. Theft or loss is not included in insurance. The client must pay the full amount of the stolen equipment, subject to the P.V.P. at the time of purchase. If you have travel insurance, you will receive an invoice for the total payment to be able to justify it in your travel insurance, but the damages or deductible must be paid in-store.

* - Can I modify the bike during the rental?
No, the leaseholder is not allowed to add any component to the bicycle, in the same way that it has Disassembling or manipulating the bicycle is prohibited

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