Orbea Bike Rental in Fuengirola


Orbean Gain - Ultegra

A model whose main and most striking attraction is the " does not look like an electric bike ". Orbea has put all the meat in the grill in the development of this Gain; a model clearly focused on the sports user who wants or needs the extra help provided by the electric motor, and who at the same time does not want to lose the essence of the classic road bike.

Orbea goes further in creating this Gain model. we are before an electric bicycle that disguises its condition quite well, with a assembly in Ultegra and with the battery perfectly hidden in the diagonal tube of the frame. the engine is housed in the hub of the rear wheel. In the horizontal tube, near the power, has placed the button of control of the performance with which we will have all the control of the engine at all times, in addition to power download a manufacturer's APP with which we will have a lot of information, such as power delivery and personal information about our state at all times ... It's like taking a coach to your side!!


NOTE: Each bicycle is included in the rental price pedals, Shimano PDR-540, Look Keo Classic or Platform and MTB-SPD

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